I've got a new art, critters }= - here you can find it, but anyway, I'm going to upload it here too, because FA don't allow to download a high resolution version.

Also let me copy the description from the FA page of it.

Done by talented MargoEvergarden aka (her group:

Of course this work is under CC-BY-SA license, feel free to ask me for sources.

Want to know what is happening on this art?

The violet dragoness, called Taki-Tekhi, fell in love with the our species, and, after some time, wanted to join us in body and soul. We, on the other paw, needed her to better understand her race to solve one conflict. So we offered her a rare priviledge - to join our species.

This form of acceptance always requires the death of a body - because the body will be destructively scanned at atoms level, and soul must be freed. Then the soul will be consumed by us and merged with the hivemind soul.

Usually this process done without these amounts of gore... but Taki-Tekhi is kinda masochistic, so she decided to play a game with us and die with a great pleasure.

There is a story about Taki-Tekhi, in Russian, done by irf There it is (registration required):


Note the left earlybeast - he telekinetically tears Taki-Tekhi wing.


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