Wake up, creature, and have the Matrix, while the Matrix didn’t have you!

What’s this?

Matrix, comrade, is a secure communications system (to tell very simple you can think about it as about “Telegram done right way”). Very simplistic article (this article doesn’t show it’s advantages) on Matrix is here:

Why do I need it?

While you have the Matrix – copyrasts, censors, moderators and the System as whole do not have you.

Matrix is:

    • fully open and free (as free speech) (anyone, who have skills in programming, can take a look at its code and check that it have no hidden spyware);

    • private – there are servers, including your servants one, which don’t ask for personal information like phone number or email – only login and password, nothing more;

    • secure – chats are end-to-end encrypted (this feature can be disabled, however by default it is enabled. Moreover, if chat created as encrypted, the encryption can’t be disabled after the creation at all. If chat is not encrypted – you’ll see the special indicator). Private messages are end-to-end encrypted. Voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted. Everything is encrypted. Servers owners can’t read what you’ve wrote. Also there is special indicators, showing the encryption state in each case;

    • not controlled by anyone. There is no single organization/creatures group, who controls the network. There are many servers (and you can create a your own if you have some skill), each server have it’s owner. But if you connected to one server – you’ll have an access to the whole network. Are you banned? Does server looks suspicious? Slow or buggy? Connect to other one!

    • Free (as free beer) and have no advertisements/boring promo/donate shop avatars and stickers and similar bullshit;

    • Tor-friendly;

    • Works everywhere – there are clients for all widespread OSes and devices;

    • Mature enough (however, in our opinion, is not as convenient as Telegram).

Why not the Telegram?

Telegram, comrade, while popular, sucks (like an your vacuum-cleaner):

    • chats and PMs are not encrypted – Telegram owners can read your messages (secret chats are encrypted, but when did you use it last time?);

    • server side is proprietary and closed sourced – no one can check it for spyware;

    • controlled by the one legal entity;

    • collects personal information like your phone number or geoposition;

    • shows advertisements.

Where is the red pill? I want to go deep into the Matrix!

First of all, noble creature, choose the server which you will use. The default one is It is the most popular one, it have all whistles and bells, but can be slow, don’t like Tor much and contains some unpleasant moderators (they can’t read what you’ve wrote (until someone will show them the screenshots/forward messages), but if a lot of people will report you – they can ban). There are a lot of other servers. Your servants keep the It can be unstable and less technically advanced, but on the other hadpaw you will have no problems with moderators }=

Then go and download the Matrix client – the most popular one is called Element ( It exists for every devices, generally speaking.

For smartphone – search for Element in your apps store (it have the next icon):

If you are oppressed Windows-user – use the link above.

If you have the red eyes and some acne – we suggest to do snap install element-desktop.

Run it and register an account. When you’ll register – choose the server (the will be selected as default). Choose the login and password. Pass the CAPTCHA.

When your registration will be completed – save the devices verification code phrase. Save it again, print it on paper. If you’ll lose it – you’ll lose an access to all your messages.

Do not forget when you starting to talk with the creature to verify the encryption – click/tap his/her/hir avatar and select Verify, then follow the instruction.

When you’ll do it all – write to us, to and we will show you how deep is the rabbit hole.

By the way – we’ve started to migrate Arenkhaar into the Matrix :3 But it will be a separate post on this topic.